Natural Mat Coco Mat Review

Natural Mat Coco Mat offers the most comfortable sleep that the baby can get. Since babies spend over two-thirds of their time on the mattress in the first year, they deserve to have the Natural Mat. Babies are very sensitive to temperature so they tend to become too hot easily and they sweat to cool down. They can get chilled if they’re not on a breathable surface which causes them to cry a lot and sleepless nights for everybody in the household.

The Coco Mat is 100% organic and the most breathable mattress of Natural Mat. It’s filled with coir from the world’s only certified organic coconut plantation. The coconut husks are processed to become a supportive and breathable fibrous layer and wrapped in organic lambswool bathed with lemon, lavender and eucalyptus. It provides excellent thermal-insulating properties of wool to provide warmth during cold weather and keeps the baby cool during hot days. This mattress is also dust mite-free. It uses no chemicals, PVCs or plastic for maximum safety and provides higher support and ventilation than other crib mattresses.

Features and Specifications

  • Coco Mat from Natural Mat is the most breathable completely organic baby mattress
  • Filled with coir from the only certified organic coir plantation in the world to provide a breathable and supportive middle layer
  • Our unique lambswool wraps the coir layer and is bathed in a mixture of lavender, lemon and eucalyptus extracts rendering it completely dust mite free
  • Lambswool provides excellent thermal insulating keeping baby warm in cooler weather and cool in warmer weather
  • Outer organic cotton cover is removable and washable at 140 F to kills all bacteria and dust mites

The Reviews

We found a handful reviews for Natural Mat Coco Mat and all reviewers stated that this mattress is great. It’s made entirely of a core of organic coir or coconut fibers, organic wool and two unbleached cotton covers which are all organic. The wool is anti-dust mite and acts as a water barrier itself so you don’t have to use horrible vinyl mattress pads. Vinyl is one of the most toxic plastics known. The wool is also anti-dust mite. The mattress provides ventilation and maintains temperatures to stay warm or cool, depending on the baby’s needs. It’s firm, yet springy and great for use as a toddler mattress since it will still be comfortable for a younger child.

One reviewer complained of receiving a 27-inch Coco Mat mattress despite its claims that it measures 28 inches. The mattress was even labeled 27 inches. Although a bit frustrated with the size, the user was glad that it seems like a nicer mattress than most other mattresses and gave it a positive rating.

Parents who bought this mattress believed that they found the best crib mattress out there. For them, there’s nothing better than coir, mainly for comfort. Coir is incredibly strong especially when treated like the coir that went into this mattress. If this mattress was thicker, some reviewers would compare it to a college competition level wrestling mat, only with a little crunch to it. This mattress is breathable so their baby sleeps well on it.

Natural Mat Coco Mat got an exceptional average rating from its reviewers. This mattress is sturdy and firm, yet comfortable. It’s water-resistant and so easy to clean. Any mattress that uses 70% organic materials can already be called organic mattress, but parents won’t know what harmful materials make up for the rest of the mattress which may cause SIDS when ingested by babies. The Coco Mat seems to have more organic materials than other crib mattresses so parents can be at ease to know that their baby is safe on it.

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